2014 Training Dates

March 22nd & 23rd
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe AZ

Next training date TBA

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What others are saying

"I lost 50 pounds in 6 months!"
-J. Paschal, Las Vegas, NV

“I attended a weight loss session on April 11th. I have lost 41.5 pounds and dropped pants size from 50 to size 42”.
-R.L. Showerds, Norwich, CT

"I lost 17 lbs in 12 weeks.”
-G Zuick, Otego, NY

“I attended my first session in September and within one month, I lost 35 pounds and feel so much better about myself”.
-A. Schmidt, Kingston, NY

"I lost 34 pounds in 2 months.”
-J Porter, Bethlehem, PA

"I lost 50 lbs in 4 months"
-J Ballom, Elmira, NY

"I lost 45 lbs in 4 months.”
-C Radwich, Las Vegas, NV


The Hypnotic Fat Ban™

Isn’t it about time you BAN THE FAT?

If realizing a comfortable goal weight has consistently become a challenge for you, then reading this message may be a pivotal turning point in your quest to reach your ideal weight.

Does realizing a desirable goal weight sound too good to be true? Skeptics may say yes.  But read on to see why The Hypnotic Fat Ban™ method is so effective, with scientific evidence to support it.


Imagine having the ability to easily slip back into that little black dress, business suit or skinny jeans hanging in the back of your closet. How would that feel? What immediate benefits can you imagine receiving? How high would your self-esteem soar? How might other people react to seeing a thinner, slimmer you? Timing is everything and NOW is the time to take the first step in becoming a new, slim, trim YOU.

Shed that unwanted, excess weight in the comfort and privacy of your home while you relax! The Hypnotic Fat Ban™ method can help you get your weight to a healthy, manageable level and keep it there! This program is all-inclusive with nothing more to purchase.