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March 22nd & 23rd
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe AZ

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What others are saying

"I lost 50 pounds in 6 months!"
-J. Paschal, Las Vegas, NV

“I attended a weight loss session on April 11th. I have lost 41.5 pounds and dropped pants size from 50 to size 42”.
-R.L. Showerds, Norwich, CT

"I lost 17 lbs in 12 weeks.”
-G Zuick, Otego, NY

“I attended my first session in September and within one month, I lost 35 pounds and feel so much better about myself”.
-A. Schmidt, Kingston, NY

"I lost 34 pounds in 2 months.”
-J Porter, Bethlehem, PA

"I lost 50 lbs in 4 months"
-J Ballom, Elmira, NY

"I lost 45 lbs in 4 months.”
-C Radwich, Las Vegas, NV


About The Hypnotic Fat Ban™

How does it work?

Using the amazing and unlimited ability of your mind, you begin to make small changes in the way you view food and redirect your thoughts previously associated with food. You’ll quickly notice how easy it is to refuse unhealthy choices and select portions that are vital in allowing you to reach and maintain your desired weight.

The Hypnotic Fat Ban™ method is quickly becoming the weight loss plan of choice. The program was developed and refined over the last thirty years by creator Robert Otto, using the elements of guided imagery, hypnotic principles, and creative visualization to effect change.

Throughout life, we are influenced by both positive and negative communications.  All communication is stored in the memory. When specific situations activate the memory there are both physical and emotional responses within a person. These responses can be modified, altered, improved, adjusted and changed through the use of visualization.

Visualization can be defined as the process of imagining mental images to help create or change awareness or behavior. This is accomplished using our sensory ability to mentally see, hear, taste, smell, touch, or feel. This process, often refers to a variety of techniques, including guided imagery, story telling, direct suggestion, fantasy, role-playing and active imagination.

The Hypnotic Fat Ban™ method is designed to revise the way you view food, change your thoughts associated with food, eliminate unhealthy choices, modify your caloric intake, suppress temptation, increase your desire for thinness and guide you towards achieving desired results.

The role of the Hypnotic Fat Ban™ practitioner is to coach you to success and encourage you to imagine, picture and visualize the best situation in achieving your ideal weight – creating images that are designed to actualize the desired change.  If a person can conceive the idea of being at their ideal weight, believe in their ability to achieve a reasonable reduction in weight, then certainly success in their own mind can make it a physical reality.

How long does it take to lose the weight?

You can expect to lose at least four ounces each day. With the ounces quickly adding up, your weight loss can easily amount to two to three pounds each week. Long-term results have shown to be as much as a hundred pound loss in twelve months. 

Helpful hints to consider

· Shop the outside aisles of the stores. That’s where you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy etc. There are not many items that are essential for health that cannot be found there. For sundry items, shop quickly so the temptation has a shorter opportunity to alter your new way of thinking.

· Prepare a menu ahead of time and use it to make a list specifying exact amounts of each food. You should make a menu plan for a whole week.

· Check your newspaper for ‘specials’. At these prices you may be able to buy meat cuts that are normally beyond your budget.

· Plan your shopping for at least two or three days. (Fresh fruits and vegetables are a necessity.) The more often you go to the store, the more temptation there is to buy those ‘extras’ that are unnecessary.

· Plan a limited amount of time you spend in the supermarket. The longer you stay, the more impulsive buying you’ll do.

· Do your shopping on a fullstomach. Everything looks better when you are hungry.

· Eat the foods that are in season. They will be the best bet for flavor and freshness.

· Make your selection of meats, poultry, and fish on the lean side. You will get the most for your money and making wiser choices.

· Go quickly past the isles of pastry and pasta. Stick to the outside aisles that provide you with all the fresh produce, dairy products, and meat choices you need for healthy eating.

· Buy only the amounts of food you need. This prevents excessive spending, eating and larger servings.

· Refrain from purchasing food items that will tempt you once you are home.

· Home gardening can provide the very freshest of vegetables and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is also very cost effective.

Why is there a ™ after the Hypnotic Fat Ban™ name?

The trademark, or ‘™’ superscript following the Hypnotic Fat Ban™ name distinguishes us in the marketplace and indicates that this term refers to a legally registered process. These terms define the process taught and must be applied at all times when referring to the Hypnotic Fat Ban™.

The use of this trademark in reference to this process indicates the Hypnotic Fat Ban™ method of using relaxation, guided imagery and creative visualization and is clearly defined from other methods. Because of trademark protection, no individual or organization may legally use this mark without express written permission of the trademark holder.

The trademark provides clients with the assurance that each Hypnotic Fat Ban™ practitioner has been properly trained, having demonstrated competency by meeting the established criteria.